Consistency of pallet shipping standards


Packing pallets

Start with proper pallet selection - standard, long, extra long, Chep

Don't use damaged pallets with loose, broken or missing boards - set aside in damaged pile

Ensure pallet is strong enough to support the weight of the product to be loaded on it

Use cardboard slip sheet if needed to keep product from dropping between boards

Fill product out to corners of pallet if possible without leaving gaps between boxes

Flatten product across pallet for stacking where possible

Load heavier items to the bottom with weight distributed evenly across pallet and lighter items to the top

Split order and load onto two pallets if pick is too tall or too heavy

Placard near front top right corner where possible placed so that plastic wrap is flat against bar codes on top of top sheet so that bar code can be scanned easily

Packing list and certificate of compliance placed near center at the front of pallet