1. Consistency of pallet shipping standards - set standards for packing skids, placement of placard, packing slip & Cert certificate - acceptance signed by every picker

  2. Review and clean up messages on message boards. Bulletin board covered by plexiglas at time clocks for "priority messages"

  3. Revise daily inspection sheets for each type of PIT, place "book" in each PIT

  4. Run test at one new wrapper with plywood sheet to raise pallet so wrap attaches properly to pallet 

  5. Stagger start / stop times for staff 

  6. Angled staging lanes for building "current load" 

  7. Leave pallets on dock wall at end of shift instead of putting everything back in lanes

  8. Remove redundant handle (for clamp) on counterbalance machines that donít use a clamp 

  9. Separate dedicated lanes at wrappers for auto-wrap ready pallets 

  10. Lane staging priorities - pick pallet lane / full pallet lane at each door

  11. Pre-shift meetings over local PA system, currently very hard to hear & understand with machines driving around in the background 

  12. Re-work safety railing at zone 4 to provide protected area for pedestrians at desk, current layout is an accident waiting to happen

  13. Tie displays down to pallets with straps, done properly would be more secure and far more professional looking to the receive

  14. We need ability to review door of a loaded pallet on forklift computer to make sure it physically goes into right trailer without having to check with lead  

  15. Review how Walmart and CTC orders are assigned - finish deliveries before starting new deliveries so they are easier to organize in staging area-would save several hours every week 

  16. Remove "Walcal, Walcor, Walrock" designations - Just use CTC for drop location

  17. White board with load assignments, delivery numbers and wave numbers at zone 4 desk 

  18. Stage Speedy Quebec loads to be loaded in afternoon when orders are more likely to be complete

  19. Defined shroud and ship drop lanes

  20. Placard issues, size of print - lane #, delivery #, wave #, weight, Customer name - large enough to see through plastic several feet away (separate barcodes)

  21. Top sheet never "wrapped over placard" - blurs scanner beam

  22. Clean, dust and arrange Panographic rolls

  23. Floor scrubber should be used on every shift

  24. Reach drivers should unstack heavy or unstable pallets on dock

  25. Form in maintenance for defects and repairs

  26. Tape strips to replace rolls of tape 

  27. Situation at time clock - nobody at timeclock before 2 minute window. 2 minute total window for breaks, (people inside washroom not social distancing) waiting for minute to change hiding from supervisor

  28. Condition of Chep pallets / supply of all pallets 

  29. Dedicated dump bin for unused labels

  30. Wood / cardboard collection boxes throughout warehouse

  31. Permanent switching station for Chep pallets with mirrors to view alignment

  32. Investigate skid pusher - Rig existing "Cascade" pusher in maintenance area

  33. Video on forklift to review skids loaded in trailer - dash board cam

  34. Dock door pull ropes

  35. 1" Plate on floor (portable) to raise skids in new wrappers for wrap to grip skids

  36. Paint yellow railing near shipping, clean & paint inner angle

  37. Pedestrian safety zone railed off at zone 4 desk, 

  38. Auto wrapper start buttons extended away from zone 4 rail- hanging for forklift

  39. Proper supply of different pallet types and sizes

  40. Custom pallet sizes for Panographic rolls, pallet repair tools - hand saw, hammer & nails 

  41. Dedicated Chep pallet lay down lane

  42. Redesigned pallet stations - "walled off" good/bad bays - 2 stacks deep

  43. Dust vacuum booth for dust removal on skids

  44. Steel strapping, clips and protective corners

  45. Doorbell / flashing light for battery change

  46. Kleenex box at new wrapper buttons with use mandatory as they are "touched and held" hundreds of times each day

  47. Tape use on placards - Use pre-cut tape strips or short strips from tape gun

  48. Cardboard spacers for placing between pallets loaded in trailer - (from inbound)

  49. Reverse light on dock stockers

  50. Restock first aid boxes - bandages, peroxide, antibiotic cream

  51. Batteries washed more often

  52. Mount clipboard on multichanger for log sheet

  53. Speed of loader leaving trailers STOP before driving out onto dock

  54. Film tension on filters causing damage over time and when flipping and re-wrapping

  55. Drop lanes better marked for pickers

  56. Pallet spacing on dock

  57. Highlighted "phone number" at front door to page for temperature check

  58. Supply of "VAS" stickers on outbound dock to save travel to VAS - "VAS" drop lane

  59. Tails on CTC pallets - Posted wrapping standard at wrappers

  60. Loaders should know about their loads shifting or damage occurring